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Rhonda Selk
In mid-2011 I saw an ad offering a way to reduce fat and inches with a “lipolaser.” It sounded almost too good to be true. Always one to question such claims, I did some investigation on the web and learned that lipolasers have been around for several years, particularly in Europe, and found there are a few similar ones on the market. The ‘before and after’ pictures showed good–and sometimes quite amazing–results, so I decided to give it a try.

At my first appointment the technician had me fill out some forms, explained the procedure and asked me where I would like the lipolaser treatments. I was pleased that I could choose more than one area, so decided on my (double) chin and inner thighs. I sat in a comfortable spa chair, the “paddles” were placed on my chosen areas, and the lipolaser was turned on; every 10 minute they were moved an inch or two for a total of 40 minutes.

After this I was moved to the whole body vibration machine for another 10 minutes, and was told this would speed up my metabolism and help move the released fat out of my body. Although it took a bit of getting used to, I liked how it “woke up” my body and I knew it had to be making a difference. Later that evening I went for a short walk, as advised. I also made sure to drink lots of water for the rest of the day, and started eating a few extra servings of fruits and veggies.

Even after the first appointment, I remained somewhat skeptical that the lipolaser treatment would “shrink” my fat. Then, a few days later when I returned for my second session I was measured again and found I had lost 1/8” under my chin and a 1/4” around each thigh! My results over the next week were similar…I was slowly but surely losing inches!

With such positive results, I bought a package deal and had a total of 12 treatments in six weeks. Not only did my clothes start to fit better, I could actually feel it! There was less under my chin when I moved my head and definitely less jiggle between my thighs when I walked. After about three weeks I decided to have the lipolaser on my waist instead of thighs, and was losing ¼” – ½” on my waist at every appointment.

When I was measure at the beginning of my last treatment I was thrilled to learn I’d lost a total 8 inches from the targeted treatment areas: under my chin, my thighs and my waist.

“Wow!” I thought, “I can’t be the only one who wants these treatments!! How can I help other people feel this good?”

After a lot of research, phone calls and questions, I found what is believed to be the best lipolaser machine on the market and used throughout Europe and Asia, the Sigma Lumislim Pro. And it’s a pleasure working with my clients as they lose inches and are thrilled with their own results.

NuCurves Lipolaser treatments are relaxing, affordable and most of all, effective.
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I look forward to helping you create NuCurves!


Rhonda Selk
Owner/Certified Lipolaser Technician

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